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How to Plant Trees in Long Island New York

In order to plant a tree, you must understand the proper method to use. You must dig a hole of two to three times the root ball’s diameter and add about 15 cm of soil around the roots. The planting hole should be well-watered before placing the tree. Once the tree is planted, it is necessary to water it to keep the soil moist. You must plant trees at a distance of twelve to eighteen inches apart.

Then, you need to prepare the soil

surrounding the tree. The root ball should be moist, so you should add mulch over the top. The hole should be twice as wide and five times deeper than the root ball. Once the tree is planted, remove any wire basket or plastic covering that has been wrapped around it. The basket must be low-profile and should not obstruct the roots. You also need to cut the circling roots and straighten them to make room for the new roots.

After preparing the soil

place mulch over the root ball. The hole should be twice or five times the root ball’s diameter. Loosen the soil around the tree before planting it. The loosened soil will allow the roots to grow into the soil more easily. This will reduce the establishment time of the tree. If you want to plant a tree in pots, you should follow the instructions on the box. They are very easy to follow.

Once the soil is prepared, you should plant the tree. Once you’ve done this, you can now place mulch around the root ball. The planting hole should be twice the diameter of the root ball. After the mulch is placed, you can then prepare the surrounding soil by making a berm out of it. This will create a bowl or basin that can hold up to 10 gallons of water. You must remember to water the entire area to prevent the roots from drying out and rotting.

After planting the tree

it is important to water it. The soil should be moist, as the tree’s roots will grow into the mulch and into the soil. In the first year, water the tree generously every seven to ten days. It is best to water the soil and the mulch to allow the water to soak into the soil. Avoid allowing standing-water to form on the roots. Afterwards, you can plant the tree.

After planting the tree, you should mulch the area around the roots. It is essential to keep the soil moist to prevent insects from eating the bark. To ensure that the soil is moist, you should spread a layer of mulch around the trunk. It’s also vital to keep the soil evenly dry. To prevent a tree from growing out of the ground, it is essential to plant it in a way that will allow it to thrive.

After planting, you should

mulch the soil around the root ball to prevent the roots from drying out. Once the mulch is in place, you can dig a planting hole at least twice as deep as the root ball. Once the tree is in place, you should water it every seven to ten days. The water should be well-soaked into the soil and mulch. This will speed up the establishment process of the tree. If you follow these steps carefully, the roots will grow into the ground.

After planting a tree, you should prepare the ground. You should prepare the soil by spreading mulch over the root ball. Then, dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and add mulch on the top. After you’ve dug the hole, it’s time to water the tree. The soil should be moist for the first seven to 10 days. If the soil is not properly moist, the roots will dry out and die.

When you have the soil ready for planting, you must create a berm. It is a mound formed by the soil around the tree. The berm should be about 10 to 12 inches deep. The soil should be level with the surface of the root ball. You should water the tree well during the first year, as the roots need water. A berm must be moist during the first two years. During this time, the root ball should be at least half the height of the trunk.


Many damages are been caused due to environmental deforestation along side with the uses of fossil fuel has also gained access to a great depletion of the ozone layer as well as the glacier melting, which tend to turn in to a rapid increment of the temperature. This has made the government enroll in the coming up with an anti pollution law and they are quite spreading awareness among the majority of individuals. Countless  model of fuel efficient cars which are quite smaller in size are used to launched solemnly by the responsible auto manufacturers and the consumers have great knowledge on the importance as well as the value of purchasing these cars.

When it comes to the cooperate

world, it involves in seizing such problems and are quite trying to do it in a gradual process of attaining the social causes in the form of encouraging the employees to conserve water, making use of power frugally and also encouraging them to use car pool system in getting to work so that it can help lesser some carbon emission. The majority of some companies in other to offer the emission of the carbon, they intend in a renewable energy initiative. One of such is the tree planting service organization in which the under taking on a constant and regular basis and they also encourage the majority of the employees to take a serious part in such activities. They also initiate some activities by spending some reasonable funds in the maintenance of some specific garden or an open green space as a part is quite a good approach to their newly established brand. Actually, there is some reasonable and important question to be asked when they intended on embarking on the tree planting service program.


  1. What are the particular trees which are meant to be sponsor and what will be the result or impact?
  2. What should be the concrete evidence or guarantee that the funds are been used for planting of the trees rather than using them on something else?
  3. What will be the accurate longevity of the tree planted, will it have any further last distance?


The above questions

are natural and quite important to know unless the companies have some clearer visibility on some of the above points, although not many would be quite encouraged in lending their hands towards such task. However, some individuals will argue on some of the question by lamenting it can be addressed through a constant audit in which it can be conducted by some top organization in taking the initiative for various actions and as far as they could be able to present the accurate result to the company on a regular basis, majority of companies have to be filled with happiness not minding extending some financial help for such green task. The actual challenges on whether the tree has actually been planted can be well addressed through the GPS and the sustainability of the planted sapling it can quite be ensured through adequate incentives given to the local population or nearby schools, to be sincere such awareness start at a very early stage.

Although such

tree planting services can also be introduced to some serious farmers who are willing to supplement the income they acquire from their numerous foods and vegetable crops with some good income that is been provided to them through the carbon sequestered due to various tree planting activities. This will, in turn, get them been motivated in other to spend much time and efforts in such activity and would also ensure the long sustainability of the saplings since they are well known for the gains they will acquire in the coming years. The AAA tree services NY Corp. are the leading gardening and landscape service for both the corporate and private clients. They offer a comprehensive and unique service with an outstanding design on a simple tree planting service.


When selecting an arborist who is an expert in recognizing, evaluating and enhancing the good health of your plant can actually be a difficult and risky task. Although there is some important recommendation which is been evacuated on the procedures on how you can be able to handle things up in a professional manners. With this approaches, it will help you in finding the right person whom you can trust and deliver a unique care to your plant.

Always try as much as possible

to inquire for a quote on a list of some local tree service expert. It is always good to plan ahead of time and make a very deep research before deciding on a particular issue. Get some couples of suggestion and check out the service that is best offered. Actually, often time it would result to an entire waiting. With the recommendation here, it could be able to give some rough analysis on how you can go about each company service in a different approach to another.

You’ll be able to know how some tree service professionals conduct their working activities and also the cost of each service they render. The professional companies do send some team of representatives in other to estimate the tree service requested, but it will be a good idea if you appoint someone who will be free and working closely with your entire plant care in the nearer future.


On a sincere note, the majority of individuals have vulnerable underestimated the unique values of the tree in our present world. These are strong plants which people neglect which provide us with a lot of natural resources such as shelter, oxygen, nutrient, and many another resource that are essential to the development of our healthy surrounding. To be precise, there different types and categories of plants which tend to exist in a different form such as the appearance, the size, the shape and also the smells among other features. Although, there is still a lot to learn about the various types of trees which exist in this wide world. If your major intention is to plant one but need a professional and an experienced person to work on it, then it is good to get in contact with a professional tree service company they will greatly be of help. Professional tree Service Company can advise you on the type of plant which will be suitable to your surrounding although it depends on the availability of the type of soil. You can have an attractive and beautiful surrounding at home or office with firm and sturdy woody plants today.

When you take a look around

your surrounding you will realize that majority of the tree are quite precious to the communities. Some have actually been located in the same space area for decades and it keeps on providing the environment with an abundance of great benefits. Such benefits could either be fruits, shade to anything at all, they are all meant to be cherished. You might actually know of some certain types of those ancient trees that have actually been in your town for nearly hundreds of years. To be honest, such tree needs to be protected to the utmost and fullest level. But eventually, ageing, decay, extreme weather and other challenges can sometimes cause the old tree to be damaged which it needs to be restored back.

On a scenario when such large tree

becomes flimsy and unstable with it age, they practically tend to become very dangerous as a result of falling .But the good news is that the tree service professionals can take a proper look at the plant  in other to determine how to correct some  issues. On the other path, the best and final result could be to completely remove the plant completely. When a plant tends to be in a complete bad form it creates a lot of risk and tension. When you notice any of your plants is at a risky state it is quite advisable to reach out to your professional tree service company in other to properly take care of the task. Don’t be too slow dish in taking fast action by alerting the tree service because such tree could cause massive damages to your property and home and the outcome could be very annoying and disastrous. Although not only age cold makes plant to collapse, extreme weather could also contribute to the downfall of trees which could also result in a heavy disaster. Although such issue can amicably be corrected diligently.

If on any point of time you want your tree

to be planted, a tree service professional can provide you with some concrete and advisable approach. A tree expert will be glad and diligent in rooting in another plant into this world in other to enjoy. You can always call and depend on AAA tree service NY corps on such project; they will provide you with some necessary and unique advice on the best plant that will suit your environment. If you don’t have any knowledge of plant, soil or anything at all that is related to the plant, which is actually okay. But the most important thing to consider is the benefit and the refreshment tree can bring to your surroundings. The tree has the capability to beautifying the environment and also help in bringing forth some natural air for a healthy living. AAA tree service NY Corp. can make such dream a reality to you and your entire household. Reach out to us today and make your planting experience a superb and memorable one. Aaa Tree Service

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